Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a leading author in the new genre of "Nostalgia Noir." His debut book, "The Fever Dream" has been critically well received. Other book and film projects include: "88" and "The Last Savage”

When I started out on “The Last Savage,” my goal was to make the reader feel like they were sitting through a vintage Hollywood blockbuster with all the sights, sounds, and smells to match. As I was writing the book, I found myself listening to certain songs and soundtracks that I felt added the best beats to a scene, and though putting actual music in the book is, well, impossible, I decided to go about writing the novel it in a way that made the reader feel like they could hear the tunes in the background as they flipped through the pages. Once all was said and done, I couldn't help myself from compiling all of this content into a kind of "unofficial soundtrack" complete with every song (and a description for which scene it played a part in) that I had pumping out of my headphones as my fingers clacked away on the keys.

So here it is, kids—the official playlist for "The Last Savage." I hope you enjoy this fun little glimpse into the process that went into the crafting of the novel and the tunes that were stuck in my head while writing it.

Billy and Santoro wait in the car

Billy’s theme

Billy’s hospital radio

The story of the Savages

Billy sneaks into the house

Billy and the tombstone