Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a leading author in the new genre of "Nostalgia Noir."  His debut book, "The Fever Dream" has been critically well received. Other book and film projects include: "88" and "The Nativity Murders"


Martin Black kills people for a living.

He’s fairly good at his job, but he’s nowhere near the best of the best. His competence keeps him from becoming a liability to his bosses at the elite assassination organization, the Trust, but a screw-up on the Koogan contract has annoyed them. He’s not allowed to pick his own assignments anymore and isn’t thrilled about the latest his handler, Miss Trask, has given him. 

His life’s going to get a whole lot worse when that simple hit turns a lot more complicated. The victim’s wife has been kidnapped, and Black has to find her to finish his job. In this neon-soaked noir, beautiful women are imperiled, strip clubs bombed, assassins activated, sinister plots revealed, Ubers hired, and very bad knock-knock jokes told.



"I really enjoyed this book. Fast paced, intriguing, suspenseful and funny, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Thank you, Sam Jones! I will be on the lookout for more of Martin Black." - Amazon customer. 

"I've read this book and it's awesome, totally worth the read! I just didn't want the book to end yet couldn't wait to finish each episode. It's been a while i read such an amazing piece! Keep the good work up!" - Rebecca L.