Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a leading author in the new genre of "Nostalgia Noir."  His debut book, "The Fever Dream" has been critically well received. Other book and film projects include: "88" and "The Nativity Murders"



Special Agent William “Billy” Reese.

Everyone knew him.

Not everyone liked him.

There were a lot of stories about Reese that had been thrown around the Bureau in the past six years he had served as an agent. Most of ‘em true, some of it bull shit. He was, as a certain Assistant Special Agent in Charge had dubbed him, the Bureau’s ‘spark plug’. A UCA (undercover agent) who was as unconventional as he was effective, unorthodox to the untrained eye. He drifted from case to case, department to department, and one city to the next like a wanderer with a badge, a 1911 Colt (not standard issue), and a peculiar sense of style that fit his off-kilter personality. Billy Reese attracted trouble and trouble had held his attention longer than his ex-wife ever could.

The man looked like Magnum P.I. had a lovechild with Kurt Russell before being raised by Sam Malone from Cheers. His eyes held a heavy history that had built up significantly over his semi-fresh, thirty-one years in existence, along with very subtle hints of gray that were slowly working their way into his auburn hair.

There were a lot of stories about Billy Reese.

This was just one of them...


The Last Savage is an exhilarating, lethal, and adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that pits FBI Special Agent Billy Reese against a brilliant, cunning, ruthless and formidable opponent named Kruger, a man hell-bent on taking out five names on a hit list with Billy Reese right at the very top.

Packed page-to-page with 1980s nostalgia noir, The Last Savage will take readers from shootouts on the neon-soaked streets of Miami, to double-dealings in the high-rises of Chicago, and all-out brawls on the beaches of Mexico, with dead bodies, booze, bullets, and a mysterious and enticing woman named Maria riding shotgun along the way. 

Coming Spring 2018, The Last Savage is the first installment in the adventures of William "Billy" Reese - the ultimate 80s action hero.