Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a leading author in the new genre of "Nostalgia Noir."  His debut book, "The Fever Dream" has been critically well received. Other book and film projects include: "88" and "The Nativity Murders"

Four people. One briefcase. One kick-ass soundtrack. 

Current titled '88, this 6-part series is the quintessential fix for fans of 1980s noir, action-adventure, and crime genres, all set against the steamy backdrop of Miami with a pulse-pounding soundtrack to match.

Taking hints from all the best bits of hit television programs and films from the decade, '88 follows the story of crooked cop with a price on his head, a strip-club manager trying to outrun her past, an over-privledged yuppie who's about to get a strong dose of reality, and an elusive and dangerous Cuban immigrant with a mysterious and deadly agenda, each of them tied to a cryptic yet notorious red briefcase that everyone is killing to get their hands on.

Set in a neon-soaked aesthetic and backed-up by a selection of hits from artists like Steve WinwoodThe Police, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, and countless others, '88 is the be-all-to-end all for throwback action and adventure with that trademark 80s flash.

Adapted from a manuscript written by Sam Jones and co-written by screenwriter Gentry Ferrell, '88 is currently being shopped around...